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Fearless LoveToday six sentences from Fearless Love, my next Konigsburg book, released this Tuesday by Samhain! It’s from the first meeting of my hero and heroine. She’s being pursued by an angry rooster, and he’s being a nice guy.

The man standing on the other side of the fence was massive, or maybe he only seemed massive because he was blocking her path to freedom. His bald head shone with perspiration, along with his forehead and his biceps—even his short beard and moustache looked damp. Now that she got a good look at him, she could see the sweat marks on his T-shirt stretching down his broad chest: Running shorts, New Balance shoes, okay, that at least explained what the hell he was doing up and around this early in the morning, although how he came to be standing outside her chicken yard was still a bit of a mystery.

“Who are you?” she blurted.

He gave her a lazy grin. “Darlin’ you’re being attacked by a rooster; does it really matter who’s getting you out of there?”


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Fearless LoveSo today we have a six from Fearless Love, my newest Konigsburg book, coming out from Samhain on October 9. My hero, Joe, has just cooked dinner for my heroine, MG, but he obviously has something else in mind for dessert!

“Good, after all of that, I’m starving.” She started toward the cupboard to get the plates, but he caught her around the waist pulling her tight against his body. Apparently, his recovery time was over. He cupped the back of her head and covered her mouth with his.

A few moments later, he raised his head. “I’m starved too,” he growled, “eat fast.”

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Brand New MeHere’s a six from Brand New Me, my fifth Konigsburg book (which won the Holt Medallion last year). My heroine, Deirdre, has just undergone a makeover that’s transformed her from a shy business wonk into a honky tonk honey. My hero, Tom, is seeing the new Deirdre for the first time.

“I’m here,” Deirdre panted behind him, “I’m sorry, I got held up.”

Tom turned toward her and froze, staring.

Her jeans were like a second skin that fit better than most people’s first one did; her bright red T-shirt looked to be maybe a half-size too small—it hugged the curves of her breasts lovingly. She’d pulled her long black hair up in a topknot, but a few strands lapped against her neck and the golden hoops at her ears. And her lips were pinker than usual, as if she’d been chewing on them.

She was, without doubt, the hottest woman he’d seen within the last month, possibly year, possibly decade.

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Long Time GoneThis excerpt is from my fourth Konigsburg book, Long Time Gone. My hero and heroine, Erik and Morgan, have stopped for a quick kiss while walking back from the restaurant where they’ve just had dinner. A quick kiss that almost turns into a lot more than that!

She pressed her body tighter against his, rubbing slightly. Tension built in her belly, the heat spreading; she was inching closer and closer toward the edge. A small moan built up in her throat. She wanted him, however she could get him-—right now, right here.

In front of the Millsburger Building in downtown Konigsburg where anybody could walk by at any moment.

She lurched back, gasping for breath, wondering just where she’d left sensible, no-nonsense, exhausted Morgan Barrett, who sure as hell would have been smarter than this.

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Be My BabySo here’s the rest of the conversation I quoted last time. I’m afraid I left Lars sounding sort of glib, when in reality he’s a sweetie. 

“I expect to get laid at least.”

He smiled at her, dark eyes laughing again. Her chest tightened—sometime soon she was going to have to figure out what to do about Lars Toleffson, and the fact that she was in love with him.

Right now, however, she’d rather not.

She blew out a quick breath. “Who knows, Mr. Toleffson, tonight you might get lucky.”

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Be My BabyToday’s post is from Be My Baby, which won the EPIC award in 2011. Lars and Jess, my hero and heroine, go through a pretty harrowing experience–Jess’s baby son is almost kidnapped by her villainous in-laws, but Lars and his brothers save the day. In this scene, Lars has just come up with a way to save Jess and her son.

Tears pricked her eyes. “You’re a good man, Lars Toleffson, a very good man.”

“Don’t make me out to be some kind of hero; I expect to be rewarded.” He braced his elbows on the table, leaning toward her.

“With what?”

“I expect to get laid at least.”



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Wedding Bell BluesThis is a continuation of last week’s six: Pete and Janie have just seen Janie’s ex having very public sex with another woman. Pete is finally taking Janie to bed himself. Janie wants to make sure it’s not just because he feels sorry for her.

Pete took a deep breath, closing his eyes. If only he could get enough blood back to his brain to form a sentence. “I don’t believe in pity sex, Ms. Dupree; among other things, pity doesn’t really do much to get me in the right mood.”

She grinned up at him. “Are you in the right mood?”

Too much talking, entirely too much talking was going on right now. “Lady, I’ve been in the right mood since I saw you walk into the Dew Drop my first night in town.”

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